Top 5 Worst risk factors for cardiac illness

Healthy heart is one of the most important blessings we need in our life. Heart is the central organ that supplies blood to all parts of the body in order to maintain their functionality. It is very easy to understand that with a diseased heart, no function of the body can be performed and life will be totally different. It is therefore important to take care of your heart by knowing the risk factors that may affect the functioning of your heart.

You can easily determine your cardiac risk score by answering following question:

Are you at risk for Cardiac Illness?

There are a few risk factors that can be modified and change like certain habits, foods and activities; but there are some risk factors that cannot be changed.

So, let’s start the risk determination scale:

Risk Factor 1: Do you smoke?

If yes, you are at increased risk of developing hypertension and cardiac illness in long term. This is because chemicals in cigarette smoke irritate the walls of arteries that lead to thickening of arteries. This is the basis for high blood pressure and of the cardiac illness. Due to narrow blood vessels, blood supply to heart is reduced and during exercise or activity, people feel pain due to insufficient blood supply.

  • Quit smoking if you have positive family history of cardiac diseases and avoid other dangerous habits too like alcohol.

Risk Factor 2: Do you have chronic health issues?

If you have chronic systemic diseases like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High blood cholesterol or kidney disease, you are definitely at elevated risk for cardiac illness. All these systemic diseases increase the sprain on heart that leads to weakening of heart tissue.

  • Only way to control this risk factor is to keep all your disease states well in control.
  • For early detection of heart issues, consult your physician on regular basis.

Risk Factor 3: Do you have a stressful life-style?

Stressful life is one of the modifiable risk factor that can decrease the risk of cardiac illness if timely controlled. Stressful life features long working hours, less time for enjoyment or rest, long hours of inactivity (sedentary life-style).

  • You can easily manage your stress by meditation, yoga and physical activity from your life.
  • Keep yourself active by doing your own things.

Risk Factor 4: Are you obese or over-weight?

Obesity is one of the risk factors that is taken very lightly as most people cannot establish a connection between cardiac illness and heart disease. Obesity means that the individual has a risky life-style that includes lack of activity, low metabolism, overeating, consuming empty and bad calories.

  • Modify your diet by increasing the portions of vegetables, fruits and salads in your diet.
  • Avoid foods that have empty calories or unsaturated fatty acids like egg yolk, oil, cream and other similar products.

Apart from all these risk factors, male gender is more vulnerable to develop cardiac issues especially with advancing age. In order to overcome all these risk factors, it is very important to maintain your weight under limits and allocate some time for physical activity or exercise on daily basis.

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