Wonder foods that help heart health

Health of the body is very much dependent on the ability of the body to fight infections and adapt to changing environments. To achieve this, the role of healthy and nutritious diet is very important. A healthy diet not only protects the body from infections but also maintains the integrity of different organ systems.

Why healthy heart is important?

Heart is a vital and very sensitive organ of body. The main role of the heart is to pump blood and enable blood to circulate throughout the body. The heart, along with the blood vessels, arteries, veins and capillaries form the circulatory system and is responsible for circulation of blood and nutirents to the tissues. A healthy heart is a life sustaining requirement. If the heart fails or if the heart muscle gets into a trauma it can be life threatening. Safeguarding the heart health is therefore a critical requirement for a long and good quality life. Nature has bestowed upon us such blessings in the form of some natural foods that can keep us strong and healthy. Most of these foods help in preserving the well being of the human heart. It is not necessary that these things should be used only when one is having heart problem. In fact eating these useful foods helps one to keep heart in a healthy state so that no disease can damage it.

Some Wonder Foods that Help Heart:

There are a number of supplements and medications that are designed for cardiac patients to improve the functioning of heart and prevent further deterioration of heart functioning. But the ideal goal must be to prevent the heart issues from occurring in the first place. It is therefore recommended to adopt a healthy life-style and habits to prevent disease and to stay healthy.

For this purpose organic nutrients or naturally occurring food products are most beneficial as these have least side effects. It is always recommended to increase the portions of vegetables and fruits in your diet. Following are some foods that rank high in the top honors for wonder foods for a healthy heart.


Garlic is a simple vegetable used as a constituent of meals. Eating garlic in raw form helps reducing the cholesterol and extra fats deposited in the body. In addition to this it has also got antibacterial and antifungal properties that acts as a natural disinfectant for the body. It is recommended to high cholesterol patient to chew one clove of garlic in the morning to keep their blood cholesterol levels in check.


Onion is very effective in preventing the disorders of circulatory system. In addition to this it also significantly prevents and lowers down the occurrence of heart diseases. Usually smokers are at a greater risk of getting heart diseases and cancers. Using onion however can greatly mitigate the effects of heart troubling substances and also keep the body blood pressure under control.


Celery is very effective in maintaining metabolism and keeping metabolic rate in check. It is recommended for weight loss. It also considerably helps keeping the blood pressure under control.


Nuts are very important in reducing the risk of heart diseases and also lower down the cholesterol levels in blood. Research studies have found that Walnuts, Almonds, hazel nuts and other nuts that do not contain saturated fats, when eaten as part of a balanced diet, can help lower cholesterol levels and thereby improve heart health. These nuts are also a good source of fiber and vitamin E. Some of these nuts also contain plant sterols, a substance that can help lower cholesterol.

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