Many people are under the impression that only individuals suffering of health problems need to get health check-ups done. But the fact is that regardless of your health status, it is important for you to get an annual health check-up. Take a look at 10 reasons why and how this is important:

Preventive Measures- Routine screenings & blood tests can be used to effectively diagnose certain diseases that are in the early stages. Early detection is one of the best ways of fighting diseases

Checking Vital Signs– Checking your blood pressure, temperature & respiration is one way of zeroing-in on underlying issues. When vital signs are checked, blood pressure issues can be identified and if there is liquid in the lungs, that will be found too

Healthy People Can Fall Ill- It is possible for people to suffer from medical conditions without them knowing it. Cholesterol levels may be clogging the arteries without you having an inkling of it, and new spots may be found when cancer screenings are done

Discussion about Family History- Genetics plays a significant role in a person’s health. When you go for an annual check-up, you can have a discussion about your lifestyle and family history. This can be useful in determining health-risk factors & disease prevention

Build Relationships- When you visit your doctor on an annual basis, you will start trusting him/her more. It also means you are more likely to call that doctor faster when you are unwell or need medical help. Leaving medical issues unattended for weeks can escalate the problem and this is something you do not want

Facing Your Vices- Not exercising, smoking & drinking can cause a lot of harm to your body even if you do not suffer from any evident symptoms of disease. When your blood pressure is checked in the course of your annual check-up or when you are screened for cancer, it helps in monitoring the effect of your vices and helps you make necessary changes in your habits

Hearing the Truth– Most doctors will tell you things the way they are. If your annual check-up indicates that you are suffering from medical issues, he/she will give you some useful tips to a much healthier lifestyle

Impact of Mental Health on Physical Health- Mental health can have a direct impact on your physical health. When you go for an annual check-up, your doctor can advice you about how to tackle stress, depression & anxiety- which will go a long way in improving your overall health

It’s a Tune-Up- Just as your service your vehicle on a regular basis, it is important to do get a regular health check-up. Preventive healthcare is the best way of actually staying healthy

Checking on Vaccinations- Even when you are perfectly healthy, there could be times when you need to check on vaccinations. If there are any shots you need to get, those too can be factored into your annual medical check-ups

Counselling- An annual health check-up is the perfect opportunity to get counselled by your doctor on smoking cessation, alcohol consumption, weight management as well a range of other health issues. Your doctor can speak with you about the risk factors & preventive measures that you can take to keep diseases at bay. It’s also an opportunity for you to speak with your doctor about issues such as stress and depression if you are suffering from them

Updating medical Records- It is important to have updated medical records and this is easily possible when you get an annual health check- up done. All information about any past illnesses, immunizations, treatments, tests etc will be added to the existing records. This can come in handy in case you suffer from an illness in the future

Peace of Mind

The simple fact is that getting an annual medical check-up also gives you peace of mind. There could be times when you are worried about your health or some niggling medical issues. But when you get comprehensive tests etc done, it assures you that there is no problem.

When you are less worried, you are also healthier. When there are so many benefits to getting an annual health check-up done, then why ponder over whether you should get it done. Call your doctor for an appointment today!

Published On: February 19th, 2021 / Categories: General Health /

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