When to resume sexual activity after cardiac illness?

There are a lot of misconceptions among general population about the extent and degree of physical activity allowed after a cardiac illness, for example Heart Attack. The main issue with Heart attack is the weakening of heart muscle and low availability of oxygen and nutrients to exercising heart muscle due to blockage in the arteries supplying heart. Considering this aspect:

  • Any vigorous physical activity is not allowed in most cardiac patients like jogging or running.
  • Excessive stress or pressure of physical or emotional nature must also be avoided.
  • Some sort of physical activity must be strictly maintained after cardiac illness

When to resume physical intercourse after cardiac illness?

Most people have a lot of question about when and how to resume physical activity after intercourse, but they cannot ask their doctor frankly. So, here are some answers to your questions:

When to resume intercourse after Cardiac hospitalization?

Studies say that most of the people can easily and successfully resume the sexual activity only two weeks after having the heart attack or cardiac hospitalization, whereas some physicians suggest no vigorous emotional or physical pressure on heart for at least 12 weeks.

But according to latest research, it all depends on the area of damage to heart and your current situation like ant residual serious complication. In fact there are very less chances of getting a heart attack during sex. That is why this is not a thing worth worrying. It has been said by the specialists that the considerable risk of having a heart attack during sex is very low especially for those who have now stabilization of their cardiac disease. Some doctors have cleared the fears of many people by properly explaining the issue. According to them sex is a general physical activity just like walking with flight of steps. It is not that much vigorous activity as it is perceived by many people.

What are some tips to avoid any harmful sequelae?

  • Generally, according to cardiac specialists, patients can safely resume sexual activity after a heart disease if they are able to walk on a treadmill or to climb stairs without any discomfort of chest or shortness of breath.
  • It is safe to have sex after heart attack or even after a successful bypass surgery or angioplasty. However in case of bypass patients, an additional time is needed to recover and properly heal the surgical wounds.

What are some sex positions to avoid strain on heart?

It is highly recommended to take care of your heart while performing intercourse after a cardiac surgery like open heart surgery or angioplasty. In order to minimize the load on heart, it is safe to perform intercourse in:

Missionary position: Cardiac patient lying on back and partner on top, as this minimize the stress on heart, requires little energy and is safest of all positions.

Spoon position: It is good when cardiac patient is a female.

Apart from position, some must consider tips for healthy sexual activity are:

  • Perform your sexual activity in a well-ventilated room with ideal room temperature.
  • Ideally consult your physician and make sure your blood pressure and vital signs are also within optimal range after hospitalization.
  • Take all your cardiac medications regularly and do not consume alcohol or cigarette smoke.
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