As summer peaks, it is every mother’s despair as to what healthy foods they should give their child during outdoor trips. Since children are still in the process of building their immune system, it is best to take seasonal foods, which are high in nutritional value and fresh. Here are some 10 healthy foods you can blindly give during summer.

  • Mango and Watermelon
    These seasonal fruits are major sources of vitamin A, E and C. It can be eaten in raw or juice form. ask the doctor They contains considerable amount of beta carotene which acts as an antioxidant to increase immunity of the body. In case of watermelon, 92% is made of water which keeps the body hydrated when exposed to the scorching heat.
  • Curd/yogurt
    An excellent coolant for summer. You can make delicious buttermilk for children. It also can be served as a great dip to accompany mouth-watering snacks.
  • Salads
    Salads are refreshing and relishing and mostly served along with lunch and dinner. They look colorful and appetizing and can be offered as finger foods to children.
  • Cucumber
    A crunchy vegetable contains lots of fiber and avoids constipation. This helps you stay cool and good appetizer.
  • Onions
    One slice of onion keeps flatulence at bay. The red onions are rich in quercetin, a natural anti-allergen that fights respiratory virus.
  • Green vegetables
    Green vegetables are rich in water content that are ideal to have during summer. One should not overcook, as there are chances of losing nutrients.
  • Grilled Fish and Meat
    One can have healthy options to cook their meat and fish. Rather than digging into deep-fried ones that are primary reasons for obesity, one can steam or grill it with added flavor. Seafoods are major sources of Vitamin D which are required for women in the long run.
  • Coconut water
    An essential drink that is full of health benefits and cooling agent. It has few anti ageing properties and lots of electrolytes and simple sugar to keep your body well hydrated during summer.
  • Lime water
    A refreshing drink which provides you Vitamin C is best served with mint.

With the above few tips, you can make your summer days more relaxed and free from flu and allergies. When you venture out in the sun, along with your sunscreen don’t forget to take your bottle of water.

Published On: February 19th, 2021 / Categories: General Health /

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