Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D are among the most important vitamins the human body needs. While the former is needed to make the genetic material our body needs, it also helps in decreading heart disease and is required to produce red blood cells. The latter helps in strengthening the bones as it helps in maintaining phosphorus and calcium levels in our blood.

As per Anand Diagnostic Laboratory analysis, nearly 30% of the tested population from January 1st 2013 to Nov 30th 2013 are Vitamin B12 deficient. More appalling is the fact that in the same period, among the population we tested, nearly 80% of population have Vitamin D in-sufficiency (<30ng/mL)out of which 30% are Vitamin D deficient (<10ng/mL).

Hence to increase awareness about the importance of these two vitamins, ADL has commenced with Vitamin camp across its branches in Bangalore. Here are the special prices offered during the Vitamin testing camp from 1-Jan-2014 to 20-Jan-2014.

Vitamin B12 test – Normal price Rs.1000

Vitamin D test – Normal price Rs.900

Total (B12 test + vitamin D test) – Normal price Rs.1900

Special price for Vitamin camp (after discount) – Rs.1500

The camp runs only from 1-Jan-2014 to 20-Jan-2014. Please contact the nearest branch for further details.

For further details, download the brochure from here.

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