Heavy rains are a brilliant welcome after scorching heat. We all love rains, but if we are not adequately prepared, we may face number of health issues. Our body is more susceptible to health problems during monsoon, because monsoon affects our immune system. Number of water borne diseases such as diarrhoea, jaundice, allergies and infections spread during rainy season. Besides these we are prone to upper respiratory conditions, gastroenteritis, dengue and malaria as well. Hence, we at Anand Diagnostic Laboratory decided to list a few precautionary measures to help you enjoy rain healthily:

Diet for monsoon

Make sure that you wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly, include them in your diet on a daily basis. Avoid eating fried items and outside food, as this may lead to bloating. Seafood, ice golas and juices sold from the street vendors is a definite no. We urge you to have completely pasteurised dairy products. Above all, drink purified water to minimise seasonal infections. Opt for steamed salads over raw vegetable to curtail bacterial and fungal infections. Consumption of radish juice is highly recommended as it can fight cough/cold. Also, by adding a pinch of pipli (an ayurvedic herb) and rock salt to lukewarm water, one can reduce mucus formation. Including soups and tea in your diet can have a rejuvenating effect.

Health tips

The diseases such as malaria, dengue, typhoid and chikungunya are in the air during rainy season. The damp weather and getting drenched leads to common flu/cold. Keep your feet dry, wear closed shoes that covers your feet completely. Do not walk bare foot, because soil contains many types of germs. If you are diabetic, take more care of your feet during monsoon. Enjoy a soothing sesame oil massage before wearing comfortable footwear. Asthmatic patients must ensure that, there is no seepage or water stagnation at home as it may lead fungal growth.

Skin care

Our skin can have dehydrating effect if its dry skin and if its oily skin, then one may experience excessive hydrating effect during monsoon months. We recommend to use non­oily lotion and soaps that has glycerine in it. Drinking plenty of water will be helpful to keep your body hydrated and it flushes out toxins. Use make­up only when required, especially water based non­clogging mineral cosmetics. Also usage of ice packs on skin before hitting the bed ensures healthy and toned skin.

Hair treatment

Oiling your hair is a must during monsoon. In fact, wrapping your hair with hot towel after conditioning can have positive nourishing effect on hair. Opt for regular hair treatment and use anti­frizz shampoo/conditioner. Use serum to get lustrous hair as monsoon is the worst enemy for your hair.

Wardrobe Check

A decent pair of wellies/gumboots is definitely worthy of investment. Carrying raincoats is a must, you can also opt for customized rainwear for kids. Avoid wearing denim during this season, as it stays wet for long. Instead wear lighter fabric that dries quickly and bright colours can enhance your mood.

Personal hygiene

During monsoon we are more prone to fungal infection, wash your feet thoroughly once you are back home. Do not wear wet or damp clothes. Keep the surrounding clean, free of water clogging and stagnation. As water stagnation becomes breeding ground for mosquitoes.

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