Ways to prevent Aspirin related complications!

If you are taking Aspirin, your doctor might have warned you about the potential side-effects to watch for, like bleeding from gums, black tarry stools and other related issues. If you are taking Aspirin on daily basis because of your health issues, you may have to watch for a few things.

Aspirin is a drug that acts on platelets (cells of our blood that are responsible for clotting), moreover Aspirin also provides symptomatic and effective relief of common issues like fever, pain in joints and ligaments. Because of its permanent effect on enzymes of body cells, people who consume Aspirin on regular basis are likely to develop:

  • Gastric ulcer or burning chest pain that may mimic heart attack.
  • Increased risk of bleeding from gastro-intestinal tract that is seen as black stool or vomiting of black half-digested blood.
  • Certain conditions like pregnancy or young age further increases the risk of Aspirin complications leading to damage to liver.

How to prevent Aspirin related damage?

If you or your loved ones are bound to take Aspirin on daily basis, following tips might help:

  • Do not consume aspirin on empty stomach as it greatly increase the chemical damage caused by Aspirin on stomach cells.
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  • Immediately report to your primary physician if you are developing any signs of bleeding and stop the drug as early as possible.
  • Avoid taking Aspirin with Coffee, tea or Coke like beverages as these agents aggravate the acid production by stomach cells.
  • Avoid taking other drugs of similar function and chemical composition (mostly pain-killers) to minimize damage.
  • Do not overdose on Aspirin, as ideal dosage for prevention of stroke and cardiac diseases is 75mg which may be increased to 81mg or higher in known cardiac patients.
  • Stop taking aspirin before any surgical procedure (ideally 5 days in advance of surgery to minimize risk of prolonged bleeding).
  • Avoid aspirin in pregnancy and related conditions like bleeding tendency, abnormalities in menstrual period.
  • If you are having too much acidity issues (increase acidity) as a result of aspirin intake, you must take some antacid to prevent issues.
  • When you are taking Aspirin, increase the use of fresh fruits, juices, vegetables and fiber in your diet to serve the function of anti-oxidantion

What other options and alternatives are available for Aspirin?

Generally Aspirin is very well tolerated among most patients; however there are a few conditions in which it becomes very difficult to take Aspirin, this includes a variety of bleeding condition, gastric ulcer and others. In that case it is always good to have a few options that can provide the same functions and effectiveness that is obtained by aspirin but without any complications.

One such option is “enteric coated aspirin” which affects only cells of blood that are responsible for abnormal clot formation and not the cells of gastro-intestinal tract. Moreover there are a few other drugs that serve the same functions like entracept. It is always wise to discuss with your doctor about possible alternatives in case of any complications.

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