Why most people suffer from heart diseases?

Heart diseases are ranked as number one killer of adults between age group of 35 years onwards due to a number of risk factors. In order to prevent hear diseases, it is important to know what causes heart diseases in adults.

Risky and sedentary Life-style:

Nowadays most of the people suffer from heart diseases due to risky behavioral activities and sedentary life-style. The fast pace of life and work pressures are attributed to the ever increasing rate of heart diseases in the present era. Previously it was thought that heart diseases and problems affect only elders but now even youngsters are also prone to disorders of heart. All this is because of the unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore there is a need of reviewing and managing the life style to lower down the risk factors and improve the activity of heart.

Stress and pressure of work:

It is a natural phenomenon that the increase in stress level decreases the will power and resistance of body leading to increased release of stress hormones that leads to weakening of heart. As a result this increase in stress on heart leads to many complications like hypertension. Moreover habits like alcohol consumption, obesity and smoking also make an individual prone to developing heart diseases.

What are some simple healthy heart tips?

Heart diseases and disorders can be effectively avoided and controlled by making minor changes in the lifestyle:

  • Increasing the level of physical activity:

First of all exercise is very important and effective for maintaining a healthy heart and hence a healthy life style. However if you do not have time or you do not want to add exercise to your life routine, you should at least increase the level of activity in your life. Following important tips if followed can be very effective in maintaining a healthy heart.

  • While at school or shopping mall, one should take the stairs instead of using an elevator or escalator. This will increase some activity level in your daily life routine.
  • If you drive a car, it is recommended to park at the far end of your working place so that it may take you a few steps to reach your destination. A short walk also has a strengthening effect on your heart.
  • Having a light walk after lunch is also very good. This will keep you awake as sleeping right after a meal is not good for your heart.

Healthy diet:

A healthy diet is one that has all essential nutrients; following tips may help you pick the right diet for yourself:

  • Avoid processed, fried and fattening foods that take longer to metabolize in the body and also lead to deposition of fat molecules in blood vessels.
  • Avoid diets rich in sodium by consuming low salt diets.
  • If you are a non vegetarian, minimize the use of red meat which is rich in bad cholesterol that deposits in arteries of heart; instead replace red meat with fish and chicken that have low cholesterol content.
  • Quit smoking and avoid alcohol consumption at all costs.
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