We are the Parivar of Anand Diagnostic Laboratory, and we ensure
there is “Care” in healthcare.

“Care” for our Patrons

We believe that our foremost duty is to serve the people that entrust us with their health needs. We care about offering a safe, secure, complete and confident service experience to our patrons. We care about taking every measure to earn our patrons’ trust, and leave no stone unturned to ensure that this trust is not lost. We care about providing reliable results at an affordable cost and maintain transparency throughout the service experience.

We are responsible for enabling our partners to provide the same quality of care to their patrons by offering them the same level of quality and reliability in services given to our patrons. We care about maintaining robust logistics and communication channels to ensure timely delivery of services. We assure that due respect is given to every biological material that comes to our facility for testing, and ensure that client information remains confidential.

“Care” for our Partners

“Care” for our Family

We, as a family, enable each other to work towards delivering the promises made to our patrons and our partners. We care about the wellbeing of each other and provide due assistance to our colleagues when needed. We believe that every human being deserves to be treated with respect and care, and this includes every individual who works with us in this establishment.

We take care to choose associates and vendors who align with our vision of providing the best in class service to our patrons at the right cost. We ensure that we evaluate the latest developments in healthcare services regularly and introduce those new products and services that we believe will be helpful for our patrons and partners.

“Care” for our Associates

“Care” for our Legacy

We care about functioning in an ethical environment where there is no scope for questionable practices. We believe in spreading goodwill amongst everybody that we interact with. We care about giving back to the community that has supported us in our journey, reducing our carbon footprint to reduce the damage caused to the planet, and above all, we care about upholding our integrity by ensuring there is transparency in all our activities.