Hospital Outsourcing

Hospital Outsourcing

Over the years, Laboratory medicine, has become super specialised and complex with growing number of new tests requiring new testing methods. Keeping up with the advances in laboratory medicine requires an ongoing commitment to stay focussed, upgrade equipments, process and standards.

Hospitals are therefore increasingly relying upon referral laboratories like us, to run the tests for their patients so that they can concentrate on patient care while leaving the running of diagnostics tests to trusted labs focussed mainly on laboratory medicine.


Anand hospital services

Leading the trend in hospital lab outsourcing model

Traditionally hospitals have run their own labs for handling all the in-patient’s (and outpatient) laboratory investigation needs. But with the rapid advances in laboratory medicine, the increasing number of tests being demanded by physicians and the continuing investments required to be made in new equipments, hospitals world over are realizing that running a lab by themselves is hard, frustrating and uneconomical. Slowly, but steadily, hospitals are turning over their laboratory services to be run by independent laboratories.Anand diagnostics is well positioned to provide reliable, accurate and timely laboratory services on a wide range of test for hospitals, in Bangalore. With an exclusive team at Anand committed to service hospital needs, including on-site sample collection service, hospitals can free themselves up from the demands of laboratory services. With the outsourcing model, Anand diagnostics hospital services is helping hospitals to be run more efficiently and profitably.




  • Can perform diverse range of diagnostic tests(>400 tests) ranging from simple to complex
  • Growing number of collection centres at key strategic locations in Bangalore
  • Dedicated on- site sample collection services
  • Commitment for ongoing upgradation and modernisation of testing equipments and instruments
  • Commitment to highest quality standards in people, process, tools and methods.
  • Very IT savvy laboratory with technology inter woven in all process from pre-analytical, testing to results reporting
  • Dedicated team focussed on hospital lab services.

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