Diagnostic testing services


Diagnostic testing services


Laboratory medicine has witnessed rapid advancements in the last few decades with new breakthrough in diagnostic procedures, analytical techniques, tools and technology. All these developments have made rapid and accurate diagnosis possible today.

We have been quietly leading the diagnostic industry revolution from the front for over 50 years, by embracing advanced diagnostic methods, analytical processes and leading edge technology, much ahead of others.

Full spectrum lab tests
From routine lab tests to complex gene testing

Today, diagnostic testing has become an essential investigation tool for physicians to detect disease conditions earlier, understand the underlying clinical symptoms, make good diagnosis, work effective therapies, monitor improvements over time and provide better patient care. Be it a routine lab test like complete blood count, blood sugar etc. or a technologically advanced test for detecting certain complex medical conditions like genetic disorders, Anand Lab provides a comprehensive range of test menu and diagnostic tools to help the medical community arrive at precise diagnosis faster and provide timely patient care.

Anatomic Pathology
At Anand Lab, we cover complete range of anatomic pathology testing services including microscopic and cell examinations, cytology, tissue pathology (histology), hematopathology and immuno pathology. All tests are performed by qualified professionals and skilled lab technologists who work under strict quality assurance guidelines and time tested processes that ensures minimal errors and faster turnaround time of results.

Special investigations that gives deep insights into specific diseases / disorders

Disease specific diagnostic tests can help doctors ascertain the existence and severity of disease states and certain types of disorders so that they can provide effective treatments with a high degree of confidence. Over the years, with higher incidence of diabetes, cardio vascular disease, cancer, thyroid disorders etc. doctors have come to incrasingly rely upon disease specific tests along with other diagnostic tools to guide their treatment options. At Anand, we have been tirelessly working over the years to deliver reliable insights into disease state testing.


Special diagnostic tools for enhanced insights

Ar Anand Lab, we offer a lot more than just lab tests. Doctors increasingly rely upon additional non invasive diagnostic procedures such as Xray, ultra sound scan, CT scan, ECG, Treadmill tests etc. to narrow down their conclusion and to specifically pin point issues to additionally corraborate their finding from traditional lab tests. For instance an abdominal ultra sound scan has been a safe, non invasive and proven diagnostic imaging methodology used for detecting many health conditions including abnormalities in the abdomen, reproductive organs, liver etc. We continuously assess the state of our equipments and upgrade them constantly to keep up with technology advances, to raise the reliability and accuracy of diagnosis for our doctors and healthcare professionals who rely on the results produced by these diagnostic equipments.

test menu
Complete list of tests, specimen requirements, report turnaround time etc.
Welcome to the Test Menu. In this section you will find useful information and answers to questions such as:

– What are the various sample cut off time?
– What are the days on which special tests are done?
– How should specimens be collected and transported to ensure the samples will not be rejected?
– When are reports available for various tests.. and so on.

The content is presented as an intuitive table allowing you to sort the test menu data in multiple ways. Please note that the information provided here could change from time to time.

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