Sit in your car, drive through and get your lab tests done.


September 27, 2016

The Management of Anand diagnostic laboratory is happy to announce the launch of our new drive-through blood collection service. This is a world first initiative and has been in a low profile testing mode over the last several months. The new service is now fully open to public. The service allows our customers to drive through to our sample collection station in their cars without having to park the cars in a different location and then walk up to the facility to get their tests done. Be in your car and simply drive through our sample collection station where our technicians will attend while you are seated in your car. This service is housed in our new 60000 sq ft facility and extensive planning and layout modifications have been done to allow for smooth flow through of the vehicles and ensuring privacy while the tests are done. All our back end testing process have also been fine tuned to seamlessly integrate with this new service so that customers don’t experience any delay or downtime. The whole idea is to enhance the convenience for our customers and help them save time and effort. This service was recently inaugurated by Dr. H .T Sangliana, former Lok Sabha MP & Commissioner of Police, Bangalore, who was also the chief guest for the event. The new facility was inaugurated by the Guest of Honor, Dr. M.A. Saleem, Additional Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Bangalore.
Read complete news at Money Control and watch the video below. We look forward to your comments and feedback on this new service.


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